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She dedicated herself to being responsive and making the right house happen. Plus, once I did my homework, knew my wants, and was clear about my limitations and near immediate possibilities, she seemed to thrive on getting the constructive feedback and pushback. She turned potential outcomes, into a contract, and a closing.

Two years ago, I had spontaneously looked at a dingy Speer neighborhood condo I surely didn't want, and I met Teri. At the time, I was cursorily looking and had nothing more than the eventual goal of home ownership in mind.

She kept in touch monthly and when I told her I got a new job with new money, her persistent drive kicked in. With her strong determination, she got me a house in a good South Suburb neighborhood, within my budget, and it was a surprising deal too.

She quickly learned what style, size, and neighborhoods appealed to me and got me looking at the right houses. Then 'the right one' or 'best option' came up and it was incredibly within my budget. I had turned down looking at it prior too, because of paint color and the smallish size. Yet, it had much more going for it than not.

Notably too, the house already had an accepted offer and she suggested putting in a backup. Within a week she called and said my offer was under contract.

We both learned things through the process. She learned the parameters of a VA loan and I learned the specifics and steps of the transaction and finance.

Plus, the original loan broker she had recommended fell through wanting points bought down, he was unsure of VA loan flexibilities, closing parameters etc. So nervously, at two weeks into the contract it was impossible to move forward with that broker.

Within hours of my hedging on the whole deal and telling her to call it off she came up with another lender after I'd already been shopping on my own. I balked and insisted I'd get it done. Then days later, and as it turned out, there was no better deal than the second broker she offered.

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Brian Nace - Happy Home Buyer (2018)

Excellent Customer Service/Persistence/Patience/Advocacy

The housing market in metro Denver is insane! Houses are flying off the market and many sellers are not flexible with any buyer requests. Teri hung in there with us through multiple offers not accepted and many, many showings. Teri understood our needs and never pressured us to go outside of what were our bottom lines. Teri was patient as we navigated this crazy market. She requested feedback from agents when offers were not accepted to see if there was anything else she could do to assist us in making our housing dreams come true. Teri works her butt of on your behalf. Teri door knocked in our desired locations and worked tirelessly until we found our dream house. We can't thank her enough for the work she did on our behalf. I couldn't recommend her more.

The Nemeceks - Satisfied Home Buyers (2021)